Pay Yourself First {Confident You}

I’d started a new post for this morning. I had it almost ready to go and got distracted and ended up on Pinterest. There I saw pin about paying yourself first and immediately moved today’s post to write this one. I am a MASSIVE believer in paying yourself first. Here’s why.

Firstly, there’s something about saying I have enough that does wonderful things for your attitude and {without getting to alternative on you here} your energy. A bouncy, happy, filled to the brim with enough person just seems to drag more of that to them. Like attracts like and all that. So when you believe you have enough then most of the time, you actually do. Wonders will never cease.

Then there’s the your worthy of it take. The of course you should provide yourself with care, time, money and the rest first. Then you are topped up and ready to offer them to someone else. No matter what the little voice in your head says you cannot care for people long term without first caring for yourself. You can’t provide people with financial, emotional or physical support unless you are strong in that area.

Build up your personal bank; it’s not greedy, it’s just good business.

How do you go about paying yourself first? In a budget it’s easy, you take 5% or 10% and it goes into a separate account long before you ever decide that the electricity bill is due and the kids need new shoes. But it’s not as simple when you are talking about emotional pay yourself first, right? Or maybe, it is. Maybe it just means sitting down at the start of the week and blocking out non-negotiable you time. For the gym, to read a book, for an at home facial… Whatever.

And I know, some of you are saying BUT SUGER, it’s hard, I have kids/partner/work/life and they/it place demands on me. This is true. Very true. But like a buying a toy at the latest big toy sale or stockpiling sugar laden treats, ultimately the choice is yours. Nobody can make it for you. No one will insist it happens for you. Trust me, people love to keep other people busy and running around.

But the question is are you important and will you make time to pay yourself first? Well are you?   

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