Moooooooore party photo goodness!! Yay!

neon party Collage 001 neon party Collage 002 neon party Collage 003Short version it was an amazing night, I danced until the wee hours of the morning and ate cheeseburgers on my way home. I was gifted some many presents and the presence {see what I did there?} of so many wonderful people. I worked hard to pull it off with the help of a loyal band of subjects. I just kept saying thank you so they knew how very much they were appreciated. I had some drinks, I ate some cake. I missed out on the main meal, I was busy I guess? I spray painted pineapples, I pinned way too much stuff on Pinterest. It really was my favourite party ever. I think even including our wedding reception. I WISH I had that much fun at my wedding. Ha!

Let’s do it again!!

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