There are few woman as recognisable as Ms Oprah Winfrey. After decades on television I know that for me Oprah feels like the aunt I wish I had {not that there’s anything wrong with the ones I have!}. Strong, powerful and with an empire under her belt it always amazed me that when it came to Oprah conversation almost always turned to her appearance {weight in particular} or relationship. I mean come oooooon. Surely when you are coming up with things to discuss about Oprah there are more interesting things than THAT!? Like her clothes for example, haha! 


Sure for the majority of us {all? Maybe all.} Oprah’s wardrobe is a little out of our reach. With designer duds and killer shoes Oprah is always immaculately dressed for appearances and interviews. What I admired most about her on air outfits was the diversity of styles and her willingness to give the trends a go while always looking very classicly styled. You know, if you ignore the nineties. So what should you be looking to add to your wardrobe if you want to steal Oprah’s style?

I think you should start with some classic dresses and tops in the wrap style. Well fitted, well made and in classic colours. Then add one good pair of jeans either in a straight leg or a capri. If you’re doing an Oprah, there will be heels involved and these styles look killer with heels. Look to accessories to change up your look and add interest and colour. Invest in a quality bag and some great shoes and hey presto you’re there.

Last but not least when you’re off duty, enjoy being off duty with comfy layers, flats and makeup free skin. I still think that the photo I saw on Facebook back in July with Oprah, makeup free bbqing at home is one of my favourites. She just looked so relaxed and happy. It said a lot {for me, maybe for you too} about the opportunity we have on social media to be real, to show ourselves as we are behind the primping and preening. I love love that.  And now, on to the collage!

Steal Her Style Oprah Winfrey




Oprah Winfrey: Steal Her Style Shopping

1. Straight Leg Jeans 2. Sheer Wrap Top 3. Colour Block Dress
4. Leather insert Skirt 5. Denim Capri 6. Structured Wrap Top
7. Military Detail Vest 8. Bandage Dress 9. Ruffle & Spot Blouse

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