I was watching the final season of Sex and the City last weekend and we were at Charlotte’s second wedding {to Harry} and she’s freaking out because nothing is going right and she thinks it’s a bad sign. Carrie catches up with her in the bathroom and tells her to eye her eyes to the wonderful that is happening around her. To stop looking perfection and start looking at how great everything is. It go me thinking, too often we focus on perfect and forget to live.

Your hair won’t always be perfect {see above. Ha}.

The sun won’t always shine.

Your partner, or kids, or friends won’t always be who you want them to be.

Your clothes won’t always be cool.

Your keys won’t always be where you left them.

You will probably spill stuff on yourself.

Sometimes you might even trip and fall.

Your day certainly will never go to plan.

Sometimes life will do what it wants and to hell with you.

So take a deep breath, forget needing everything to be just the way y0u want it to be. The way you think it NEEDS to be, because surprisingly life will go on without your knuckles being white from holding on so tight to the control reins. You’ll be happier. I promise. So practice it today, you don’t own the world, let it goooooo.

And smile, because the planet keeps spinning.

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