Another year of outfit photos under my belt. Phew. I often say that when you look at as many photos of yourself in a week as I do, then it’s impossible not to get over any body image issues you might have. You stop looking at yourself critically and start looking at it in a way that is almost detached but at the same time, you become so aware of the changes and stages.

It’s also impossible to escape noticing changes to your body. A little fuller in the face and often I’ve got a sore throat coming on or lately, a little too much Christmas cheer adding to ye old bodyweight. Body tone reflected how my gym or pool attendance had been. Too many late nights and it will be written on my face, etched in my skin. You learn to see the signs. I learnt to know my signs thanks to the practice of outfit photos.

#OOTD ftw.

In 2015, I encourage you to notice your body. Take those photos, get involved more, and catalogue them however you see fit. You will get in tune with what’s going on, how your body feels to you and how that translates to your style and how others see you. And if you’re a little wary still, then do it for no other reason than that you will have documented yourself. Embrace your style, maybe even develop it, and embrace yourself this coming year. That’s my challenge to you.

This OOTD tee is care of Queensland based brand Ruby & Lilli, who specialise in my favourite kind of t-shirt, the slogan tee. Light and easy to wear, a decent length (even on my long torso) and with a v-neck that suits my broad shoulders well. What’s not to love? I’m wearing the 4X and just quietly, I think when I last checked they were having a sale.

The white denim shredded joggers are from 17 Sundays; you’ve seen them before (so good), and the shoes are from Target a year or two ago now. I hope these babies last forever. Love them.

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