Last night Hubby and I were lucky enough to be guests of Cirque de Soleil at their Brisbane Big Top show OVO. This is not a sponsored post but we were given full media passes with exceptional seats for editorial consideration. The one thing I AM sure of after seeing the show is that I would have raved no matter how much I’d paid for seats!

Now let’s talk about the one on one session with Sebastian who is a musician and cockroach in the show. He was invited in to answer our questions about kids on tour and the schooling opportunities and his family on the road. I loved him immediately. And it wasn’t just the French Canadian accent, promise. He had an energy about him that I adored. Upbeat, grateful and fun. He moved like a clown {in the drama sense of the word} and had the best facial expressions. Here’s some photos from the VIP tent and the chat with Sebastian.

So after our amazing chat, we had a short break before show time. Obviously there is no photography once you got in there so I asked for some of the stock images. How adorable is the lady beetle character. When I grow up I want to be a Cirque de Soleil lady beetle! The boots alone would make it absolutely worth it! After a hot dog with mustard and loads of Pepsi Max it was show time!


The show, oh my goodness, the show! It was nothing I imagined it would be and everything and more. As I said to one of the ladies seated next to me, I feel like I am in sensory overload {The caffeine didn’t help}. I’m known to bawl at a beautiful piece of music. Well I was lucky to hold it together, let me tell you. The music, the costumes, the skill and oh wow factor of the cast. Holy cow Brisbane get your butt down there and see it. Worth every penny.

I’m thinking I MUST go back. I’m going to take more money for hot dogs with mustard next time. I haven’t stop saying how amazing it was since it started. Reality today sucks a little, you know. But doesn’t because the joy and the colour sort of comes with you in a way. I feel light and buoyed and happy. I think OVO did that.

As soon as we knew we were going my thoughts turned to what does one wear to a combination circus/show? Should I get dressed up or stick with comfortable but cool? It turns out I needn’t have worried, when it came down to it I had about 15 minutes to get ready and threw on my new Crossroads jacket, BigW top and heels and some old City Chic jeans. Done. And for your information, wear whatever you like! There were people there in jeans and t-shirts and ladies in full-scale dress and stilettos.

Jacket – Crossroads

Top – Avella for BigW

 Jeans – City Chic

Shoes – Big W

{no brand relationships currently exist}

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