This morning I committed to a blog post. That was before I realised that my to-do list really didn’t leave much room for such things. But, a promise is a promise. After digging through a bunch of drafts with no half-finished winners (judge me if you will, haha), it was time to just go for it and write something new.

So I wrote this.

I wrote because this week I’ve taken photos for a new pool float range and a styled wedding shot. I mean, what is this life I’ve created for myself. I’ve been very into social media, as you know, but over the past few months more and more I’m being booked for photos. And as part of getting out there, I’ve been saying yes as often as possible.

Even when, like the styled wedding shoot including cake, floral and venue vendors, I was out of my depth to some degree. I just knew I had the basics under my belt. I had to not overthink it and go for it. And guys, you have no idea, I 100% went for it. I don’t have any edited photos from the wedding shoot yet.

However, I’ve finished the ones for the pool float business and I’m so happy with the outcome. I mean, check out this sneak peek on Instagram…

I don’t know if you remember how much I struggled with video editing. Heck, the whole learning something new and stepping out of my comfort-zone thing. Which, at the time it felt impossible, but I think it flicked a switch. New things and pushing the boundaries is exciting again, instead of entirely painful and hard.

Sometimes it’s hard and it always takes a lot of work, but I’m proud of myself. It’s a feeling that seems to have disappeared a little bit in the past couple of years. I was looking for other people to say good job, well done or validate me in whatever way. (Not that those things aren’t nice!). But these days I feel like I know what I did is good, I know how far I’ve come and how quickly I’m learning. That all comes from me.

I think if I’m honest, I knew that was where it was.

Looking outside myself for any of that, motivation or inspiration, was a mistake. I know that now. Mostly because THIS is way easier. It comes from somewhere much more natural. And partly because I know I can trust myself. I’ve got my back and while I keep pushing the boundaries, that’s exactly who should have it.

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