Let’s face it, it comes down to one thing. It’s not the wardrobe or the cast or the timeslot. It’s just that, well, the storyline hits a little too close to home. Nothing like  ttc with every man and his dog falling pregnant around you to kill your ability to laugh at Billie. I mean I’m an eldest child, I work in real estate, my younger siblings both have kids, I’m pretty highly strung, my Hubby is a work with his hands, hotty type who for some reason adores my crazy with the conviction that most people hate it.

Short version, I think I could be Billie. Like someone has peeked into my life and pinched bits of it. Not to mention that 2013 appears to be a boom year for babies and I had myself convinced that this would be OUR YEAR. Which to date it very much has not been. Actually now that I mention it, I was pretty darn sure all the years preceding this one would be our year. I’m sick of that actually. I’d hate to be one hundred and still waiting for my year for anything.

Anyway. Channel Ten and it’s storyline made the show unwatchable for me. Even the previews make me cringe. It’s just a little too close to home and I don’t need to watch that for entertainment. I’m living it and it’s not very much fun at all. So why am I telling you all this? Because I used to love the show. Sure some weeks it would annoy me. But I loved it. Now, it’s dead to me and I feel like a mad person.

Have you ever felt like some writer has stolen your life to make into television? Make me feel better and tell me all about it would you please. 

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