Last week, before the madness of the weekend arrived, my sister asked me to go with her to the Target Baby Sale to put on a lay-by for the stuff they would need for their impending bubby. Of course, I said yes! She’s my sister and no amount of wanting a baby would keep me from this chance to share in this with her. So we went. We left home at almost 3pm for the Sunshine Coast {our local Target is a ‘Country’ store and laaaaa-me!} planning to shop, grab some dinner and shop some more. We were ridiculously unprepared. Sort of.

They had selected the car seat they wanted, a breast pump and a few other things but as we stood in the aisle staring at row after row of baby things we both got a little panicked. Well I don’t know for sure about her, but my heart was racing, the bottles started to blur into one big expensive pile of plastic and well, I felt a little clammy. Overwhelm. Well and truly. So we did what we, as sisters, do best. We started making jokes about it while my sis whipped an app out.

Do you need to buy baby shampoo if you baby is bald? I asked. A passing mother thought this one was particularly good and gave it a laugh out loud sized laugh. Thank you, thank you, I’m here all week. But really, do you? Or should you just use body wash..? Also, can you just put baby bottles in the dishwasher? and if not, why not? I said that maybe they were like SodaStream bottles and it ruined something about them, but I was winging it.

While we were there we watched a guy struggle with every single pram on the display, pulling them down, pushing them back up again and replacing them on the display. One after another after another. We admired his dedication. And patience, holy heck that takes patience. So in the end, when he made his selection I scribbled down that pram name because I figure, it’s as good as tried and tested. Meh. Save myself, and my sis, the grunt work, don’t you think?

That said, it was also quite strange to be again helping a younger sibling through something I know so very little about. As the eldest I always prided myself on leading the way. I moved out first, moved away first, got married first and even fell pregnant first. I will be the last to have a baby. That’s a weird thing to let go of. The first thing. It’s not even as much about competition as it is about keeping them safe and showing them how. Now I can’t. this time it will be their turn to show me how. Gosh I hope they get the chance.

Until then I am more than willing to make a fool of myself in the baby section for their benefit.

More than willing to put my hurt aside.

More than willing to crack jokes when it all seems a little bit overwhelming.

More than willing to be at their side when they need me.

More than willing to go last. This time.

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