There is this thing when you are in the upper end of the height scale, I’m about 5’10, and it’s called the not so maxi maxi dress. It’s not even a deliberate thing by businesses, I don’t think. It’s a simple maxi dress that I’m just a wee bit too tall for it. All my tall ladies, help me out here, how often does that happen? Lately I’ve been lucky enough to find lots that ARE long enough. But I still love the not so maxi maxi. It turns out that it’s a pretty good-looking length on me. It shows a bit of ankle and calf. Flaunt a bit of shoe and all that. What can I say, sometimes it pays to be moderately tall.

This dress was gifted to me last year, since then I’ve loved it, I loaned it to my cousin, took it the plus size clothing market {saw it one 3 different women} and brought it home again. It’s one of those flattering dresses. Easy to wear, gorgeous lines and the sleeves make it friendly for my plus size friends who don’t like to get their arms out. Keep an eye out for a dress like this for your wardrobe. It goes from the beach to dinner with a change of a few accessories. Take it from me. You’ll love the style.

plus size black dress with pink red accessories 004


If you look really closer, you will see I totally blew a wedge taking these pics. On our way to grab dinner and a few groceries I had to change into flip flops, the only other shoes in the car, because the glue had given way. Darn it. I love these wedges. They were like my go to sort of dressy, sort of not shoe. I even wore them with short shorts once. I know, right, sort of weird, but it worked! So rest in pieces my wedged friends. Thanks for the years of hard service.

plus size black dress with pink red accessories 006

plus size black dress with pink red accessories 005

We found a new photo location too. I think we’ll be using it again. The light there is gorgeous and the background, well, you know how much I love white blog backgrounds and design type stuff. Let’s just say, I’m in love. Basically unedited too, a little lightness and saturation, that’s it. Got to love that. Loving Hubby and the new camera sick, what can I say.

plus size black dress with pink red accessories 002

plus size black dress with pink red accessories 001

Dress – Virtu {gifted – last season}
Rio Necklace – Virtu {gifted}
Belt – Swapped
Shoes – Target

{some brand association exist, see my disclosure policy}

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