This post is for the bloggers looking to grow your audience, interact with them more and start the ball rolling on growing your blog. For everyone else, nothing to see here people. I’ll be back later. Ready to proceed? Let’s go!

I was pleased to find, when reading BlogWise, that I have a fairly decent structure around my blog and blogging in general. I spend a lot of time online but it’s all focused on growing my blog and the opportunities around it. I view it as my second job. The one I REALLY, really like. But I also like my husband. My life. My friends and family. The gym! And if you’re working two jobs something tends to slip. Maybe. Here are some of the things that work for me to keep all the balls in the air;

  • Schedule posts if you want some time off. Guests posts can be great for this but don’t rely on it every time you want a weekend off. It should be fresh, real content from you. But written earlier. Don'[t compromise on quality because you are planning to schedule a post. If you do, you might as well leave the blog without a new post until you get back.
  • Scale back your regular posting. If you are finding way too many gaps in your blog {want to post daily but are only posting weekly?} it might be time to scale back. Regular weekly or  twice weekly posts are better than irregular posts when you are building engagement. Set days of the week you MUST post and stick to it. Then the rest is cream.
  • Know what you are coming online to do. I usually check twitter & facebook on my phone it keeps my laptop for working purposes only. When I’m on my p[hone, I’m playing. When I’m on the laptop, I’m working. It’s all time online but it distinguishes it in your head I think.
  • Reply to comments and visit other blogs every day. I set myself an hour or two after dinner depending on what I have on. This helps build engagement and helps you get to know the people reading your blog. You might not have this much time, so do what works for you, but look first at how much time you waste of an evening or morning… There might be an hour there somewhere.
  • Use an auto link poster. On facebook I use Networked Blogs. On twitter you can use tweetdeck or straight from feedburner. This ensures the links are going out there as they are written rather than in a bundle on your page when you have time. But don’t forget, interaction is key. Link bombing people is never cool. Social media are about interaction, right Kellie.
  • Get a life. If you’re logged off, be logged off. Seriously. Put the phone down and back away slowly. Right Jacqui. No one like a girl that’s too available. Ha. {too many Friends episodes I suspect}. But you know I’m right!

So there you go. Some more tips on streamlining all that there is to do on your blog while continuing to build its audience. Well, my take on it anyway. Or read what the big guns have to say in the ProBlogger BlogWise eBook. Yes, I’m an affiliate, yes I’ll make something like $6 if you buy one. Full disclosure and all. But yes, also, it’s a great read and jam-packed with tips and hints. Well worth the money.  

So do you do these things? Some or all?

What’s YOUR best tip?

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