So we’ve been working out for a number of weeks now. I was trying to work out how many and I think it’s 5. Maybe. We had last week off and let me tell you, don’t EVER skip a week. It hurts too bad to some back. Especially when that week you didn’t necessarily eat well or get up to too much else exercise. It hurts. Add to that the fact we had a trainer that day and I felt like I could have thrown up. Valuable information that. You’re welcome.

Speaking of throwing up. My sis actually did as she made her first {untrained for mind you} attempt at 5km. She had to run home, mid run and be sick. But she went back out and finished the 5km anyway. That’s dedication, right? Or stupidity since it was a lovely clear, sort of hot day and she was running at 9.30. Sigh. Lesson learnt though, right kid?

Anyway, back to the gym bit. We had a fine week back on the wagon and worked really hard to get back to the level we were doing before we took the week off. People always say that fitness, muscle tone and all that is difficult to come by and so quick to go. They are SO right. I haven’t run more than 3km since that one and only 5km day. Use it or lose it absolutely applies here. Interesting. And something to keep you motivated to go to the gym regularly.

On the food and drink front I made some serious diet changes this week. Due to the fact that I was becoming a total boozer, I have decided that I’m not going to have any more than 2 standard drinks a week. Time to break the habit for me. That and caffeine is back out the window. I have one coffee a day if I feel like it. but that’s it. I don’t really miss the caffeine that much, decaf coffee is quite good these days. No loss. And if I’m desperate for something resembling a coke zero, they have caffeine free diet coke. Winning.

This week was also a big week in terms of cracking down on the bits and pieces of sugar slipping back into my diet. Since before Easter I was a lot more casual about it all. Easter was a bit of a mess when it comes to sugar-free, really. So I climbed back on the detox wagon and found the headaches only lasted a day this time. The fogginess less than that. And my urge to sleep every darn minute of the day was even less than that. So this is me reporting back that it absolutely IS the sugar making you feel like crap. Quit it now.

And in final, very dull I imagine, news on the go on get healthy front, I started using smaller plates and bowls for meals. It’s amazing how much food I eat. Although the majority {not all, I’m not a saint people} of the food is good, natural, real food I’m simply eating too much. I blame the return of the sugar for this. And also a bad attitude to how much is a satisfactory amount. A level of greed or not wanting to miss out. So I ditched the large dinner plates and the spacious bowls and have started using smaller versions from the same set. I’m using the Blackmores ProDefinition shakes that I’m reviewing as a protein based snack between meals. Time to trick my mind out of the trick it’s playing on my body.

So, wrap up time; Back at gym. Good. Quitting booze and caffeine. Good. Renewed rigour with eating sugar-free. Good. And finally eating off much smaller plates to get portion sizes down. Good. So all in all a productive week. It’s an amazing journey to be dedicated to turning your health around, let me tell you. I feel good. I feel stronger within myself and in control. And yet I wonder sometimes what all the boy with big shoulders, tiny bums think of the large women huffing and puffing her way through the allotted exercises. I wonder if they see the determination and commitment. Or they just see the results of who I was?

That’s my mind, in there, playing tricks again.

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