It’s that time of year again. New Year’s Eve! Oooooo. What to do, where to go, and most importantly, what to WEAR!!? Eeeek. It can be a lot of pressure. Ringing in the new year and all that. But it needn’t be. Finding a great outfit is a simple matter of being prepared and we know what a planner I am! Well this is exciting, let’s get started.

First identify what you are doing. The short version is that I’ll probably be keeping it pretty low-key this year. I never have a great time in large crowds (it’s an anxiety thing, sucks) so on evenings like this I tend to lean towards casual gatherings or date nights with my love. But I love the idea of a great big fancy New Year’s Eve party, glittering dresses and fancy up styles…

Who am I kidding, any style of outfit planning makes me happy. And spending other people’s money? Well that makes me super happy. Soooo I have decided to plan some New Year’s Eve outfits for you! You’re welcome. Something for those attending a backyard family hangout to the most special of special occasion. I tried to shop only in places that are accessible at this time of year or have speedy delivery. Check it out. All images click-through to Polyvore boards with full shopping links. Even the prestige items, pick me up something nice, would ya. Haha.

Casual BBQ Style/Family Time

If you are keeping it simple and ringing in the new year with your family and friends at backyard BBQ, fireworks in the park or dinner on the beach then you want an easy to wear outfit with just a little bit of sparkle as a nod to the season. You might end up with your feet in the surf or in a crowded park. So you need to be ready for whatever the evening brings. Casually cool, right? I’ve got you handled.


Dinner for Two

If it’s a romantical night your ordered than this outfit is for you. Think a candlelight dinner, some music strumming elegantly in the background and later a walk along the waterfront as the clock strikes twelve and the fireworks ring out. It’s about just you two so you are probably looking for something soft, delicate and elegant. Easy to remove wouldn’t hurt either, I suppose? Ha! Keep that fabulous coordinated underwear on, I’ve got the perfect thing.


Party Party

For you New Year’s Eve is ALL about the party. You need dancing shoes, a clutch of girlfriends and maybe your main squeeze and you’re going to hit the town. Crowds filled with revellers sounds like the plan as you hop from dinner to hot spot after hot spot. The night is young will be heard well into the morning and you won’t return home until the sun is climbing its way into the sky. Well good for you my friend, do I have the outfit for you.



So you’re invited to a cocktail party, it’s probably somewhere fabulous like a rooftop or a boat. The night sky will spread out over head and millions of twinkle lights will set the scene. It’s a special occasion and you want people to know it but you’re out and about to have fun too. You want fun, flirty with a side order of sequins and wow-factor. Well never fear cocktail girl, I’ve got you covered. Sip those babies in style in the best trends at 2013 had to offer.


Super Special

It’s a special occasion and nothing short of a fabulous dress will do. You lucky duck you. You’re going to have the New Year most of us dream of. Sparkling parties, glittery dresses, big bands and bubbles. Sigh. Dreamy. For this you’ll need something special indeed. Something fit for a very modern princess. Something that will stop the crowd and ease you in spectacular fashion into the new year. I’ve got your back, try this.


And just like that my list is finished. I hope there’s something there for everyone. Something that will get your party feet itching to head out on the town. I know that this entire exercise made me reconsider my plans. Maybe Hubby and I WILL head out. Maybe just for that dinner for two version of things? Haha. Good luck to you! Let me know how you go.