Well, here we are, team. In a whole new year; do you feel it? That nothingness? It turns out we are all exactly who we were before that magical step through into 2019. As much as I prepare for that moment when nothing magically changes, I’m always here a little miffed that it didn’t.

I feel the same about my Hogwarts letter tbh.

Friend, let me tell you, there is nothing wrong with who you are now. Except for those dicks who never text back or other levels of 2018 shade. You suck. Try harder. Haha. But seriously, we made it through in one piece and that needs to be celebrated. Who you are right now, this very minute, deserves to be celebrated. You’re imperfectly perfect and just where you need to be. And so am I.

There’s so much pressure out there (and in here, in my head) around this time of year to pull off some sort of miraculous transformation that validates the new year. But, let’s not do that this year, yeah? Yes, there are things to be done, growth and goals to be had, but let’s just focus on loving our ‘old’ selves. Being kind to ourselves.

Maybe, chill the fuck out a little.

If you missed the final Suger News of 2018, you should pop over and read it (here!). Taking the time to complete the outgoing year is something I highly recommend. Then consider who it is you want to be moving forward. Not what weight or how much money you’ll earn. Not how many times a week you’ll hit the gym or visit grandma. Just get really focused on what your priorities are, what matters to you and WHO you are.

The rest is going to unfold exactly as it does. I don’t know about you but the older I get, the more I realise that I really have control over very few things. How I’m being and who I am, being pretty much it. So that’s my thing, that’s my entire aim for this year. To continue to check in with myself and the type of person I want to be.

The Suger News!

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