The races are something I hum and haaah over. Sometimes I like to go. Sometimes I’d rather stay home. I find it difficult to negotiate the standard of dress at a races where some ladies wear heels, hats and dresses and some wear jeans and tees. Each to their own, I say, but it does make selecting an outfit hard. Yesterday after sending a text to my sister saying, naaaah I’m just not that into it, I ended up going to the local race meet.

I had planned to wear a cute floral dress, nude heels and pops of neon in the form of a yellow clutch and lime nails. At the last-minute I threw this outfit in my bag as a fall back and dashed over to get ready with my sister and her friend Mel Mel. It turns out as soon as I got the clothes out of my bag I’d changed my mind and wanted to wear the pink. It’s not toooooo neon is it? I asked my sister. You know. For here? She said yeah it probably was but who cares!

She was right of course, who cares. And let me tell you this sweater was a god send on a cool winter day when the winds were blowing and people were freezing. I was toasty warm and because of the pencil skirt, at zero risk of my skirt flying up. It was awfully strange to be at an event with such an array of booty and boobie on display and have neither out and not feel like a total nana. Yay for me.

And by the way, my town was totally ready for the neon top. Ladies were coming up to me all day saying how fab it was, where was it from and that it looked great. So I learnt a lesson to just be me and the rest will sort itself out. Funny how that happens, right? Ready for some more pics? All taken with my iPhone so they are dazzling quality. Ok. Ready, set, go.

Sweater – ASOS Curve

Skirt – ASOS Curve

Shoes – Torrid

Necklace – Swapped – brand unknown

Bag – My Sisters – brand unknown

Nails – Rimmel Limealicious

{No current brand relationships apply}

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