Janelle, or Nellie, is my Mum’s friend. And in a lot of ways, mine too. I managed Janelle and her Hubby’s property investments on and off for almost 10 years. It makes for either the best of friendships or the worst of them, that does. Ours is the best of them. Nellie is a community minded, highly involved lady who would give you the shirt off her own back. Nellie doesn’t have a blog, but she does love to facebook, so send her some love as she shows us, her style.

Nellie has taken the lead from a number of sources to develop her laid back style. But I am proud to say that this blog is one of them. I’m not sure Hubby Wayne is overly impressed with my recommendation that she check out Virtu and TS 14+ or of my constant updates on the Autograph line. But heck, a girl needs clothes and when you’re as busy as Nellie is, you don’t want to mess around. Nellie loves peasant style tops and shorts or 3/4 capri’s and maxi dresses {because I made her and now she loves them}.


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