Good – mid- morning Suger’s. Sorry for the delay in this morning’s post but I guarantee you, it’s worth it. Today’s Friend of Suger – Your Style is Naomi of the hugely popular happiness and parenting blog Seven Cherubs. I know, not my usual hang out, but it’s the happy that gets me every time. And in this case, Naomi. This lady, is charming and warm and beautiful. Seriously, the first time I met her I felt like I had known her forever. It wasn’t the wine talking. Every warm fuzzy you felt through the interwebs from Naomi is the real deal. She wears her heart on her very stylish sleeve this one. Read all about it.

My sense of fashion and style I believe is a little different, a little unique and a little crazy compared to many other people. Where other people may wake up in the morning and think about what item of clothing they want to wear for that day or what style of fashion they are currently loving and can’t wait to put on, I however wake up in the morning and think about what item of jewellery I want to wear for that day.

Some people collect teddies or craft supplies or even dolls. I collect jewellery. I don’t remember when my love of jewellery first started or when knew exactly what I loved in jewellery but all I can tell you is that jewellery makes me happy and is the main inspiration for my fashion and style.

I have a large collection of jewellery pieces now and I love to wear jewellery every day. Most jewellery I own I picked up on sale for a bargain price and I only have a few pieces that are expensive items. My favourite type of jewellery is necklaces. I find that if I ever start to feel low during my day and start to look at the floor, the first thing I normally see is a necklace hanging around my neck and it makes me feel happier and I then move on with my day in a better mood.

I am at home most days so I normally wear jeans and a top for my staple outfit. I do however love to wear bright colours and stripes with my clothing. I like to keep it simple as I am normally cleaning the house or playing with my kids. I then mix up my outfits with bright colours from my jewellery collection and l find just adding a fun necklace can change my whole outfit. I normally think of what mood I am in and what colour I feel like wearing and then plan my outfits around that item of jewellery.

When I go out at night I love to layer up and add some bling to add some fun and sparkle to my night. I don’t take myself too seriously when it comes to fashion and style. I wear whatever I feel like and I believe that attitude has a lot to do with style. If you love it and want to wear it, believe you can carry it off and you will.

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