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Take Two

With Ben by our side, we ventured out into the now beating sunshine to grab more pics. Neo stayed home to babysit the air con. How I wish I could have been Neo that day, but alas, there was work to be done. These photos were looking like they were going to be all about the dresses…

Then Em pulled on this skirt, and we all oohed and aahed over how great it was. I had a case of major skirt envy. I’d made an attempt to steer clear of my usual black and white combos, and now I was a sad panda. She tucked one of the colour blocked blouses into it, and it was perfection. It’s my favourite outfit of the day!

Luckily wrap dresses, and I go way back and this one certainly pepped me up! A beautiful print, easy to wear, this dress (when it fits a little better, darn you Christmas) will be a staple for me. I was thinking work with tights and a cute heel. But for now it’s a mini perfect for tan accessories and showing off my tan.

Liv showed us how to wear the heck out of the tan and black shift dress with her nude sandal wedges and, as usual, killer accessories. This simple dress, which I would absolutely wear for work takes on a very Liv, very not office style with the addition of the gold statement necklace. I think that’s the standout thing for me with this range, it would provide me with a much-needed wardrobe boost with my office corporate items. There’s just not enough of that available in Australia.

australian plus size blogger review mynt1792-21 australian plus size blogger review mynt1792-19 australian plus size blogger review mynt1792-15 australian plus size blogger review mynt1792-14

Suger wears: Mynt1792 Confetti Wrap Dress (Size 24)

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Em wears:Mynt1792 Rene Pencil Skirt (Size 20) & Mynt1792 Lillian Top (3X)

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Liv wears: Mynt1792 Sheath Dress in Tan (Size 24)

Like the clothes? Follow the links and check out the new Australian website. It’s pretty darn spiffy. Thank you for your support of these posts (seriously, some of the earlier ones are my top posts EVER on Pinterest thanks to your sharing). We get the opportunity to do this because you guys do that. Thank you.  

What’s your favourite item? Questions? Shoot.