So here it is, my list of wardrobe must haves, essentials, everything you’ll need to look stylish all year round! It’s been a long time coming this post, mostly because I was a little undecided about how much or little to include. I guess in the end I decided that I would include the basics to a classic style wardrobe. It helped me clarify my thoughts writing my last post for Smarter Admin about building a work wardrobe. So sure, there is more you could add {isn’t there always!?} but these basics will keep you out of trouble if you’re just starting out your my style adventure.

Are you ready?¬†Giant image coming right up. List below. Links available in my Pinterest album ‘Closet & Outfit Dreaming’.

Hang in there, this "My Wardrobe Essentials" image is pretty hefty.

Stripe Tee {maybe this is just me?}
Collared Shirt
Layering Tank
Slim Fit Pant
Maxi Dress
Little Black Dress
Casual Dress
Floral Dress
Blue Jeans
Denim Jacket
Trench Coat
Statement Necklace
Tote Bag
Flats/Ballet Flats

Did I miss anything ESSENTIAL for you?