There is a debate {continued at Blogopolis but ongoing since the dawn of time}. The WordPress Vs Blogger thing. The whole idea from my way of thinking is to claim ownership of your blog and the intellectual property that is on it. That you, rather than Blogger, control it. It is an ownership thing and a gadget thing. Now having not delved into the gadget thing, I’m talking about the ownership side.

Now me, being the nerdy type. I have both. Of course.

I have a WordPress site tucked securely behind this one, duplicating my RSS feed but it redirects traffic to here. To my Blogger home. The blogspot.com address. That WordPress site is self-hosted, I pay for domain registration, hosting and manage all that comes with that. I could use it as in I have the skills to use it. I chose not to.
I love Blogger. The simplicity of it. The ease of use. And maybe, if I want my blog to continue to grow {and I kind of do, hello, I would’ve taken out my own Nan to go to BlogHer this week just gone}. But the thing I heard from the speakers at Blogopolis is that it is vital to own your domain and self-host should I ever want to retire and sell my blog.
Now I don’t know about your opinions on this, but mine is that a personal blog isn’t saleable. It’s not like someone else could come in and continue to write it. For one, most people spell a heck of a lot better then I do. And let’s not even start on the grammar. I get that there are blogs that are salable. Something like We Heart Life or Hello Blogger Events, for example, could be saleable.

Mine, in its current format, is not.

I figure this blog can live on Blogger for as long as I like. If I were to create a saleable blog, then I would use self-hosted of some variety, probably WordPress, but maybe something else. If I wanted to sell it, then, of course, I would need to own it first. This is common sense. But do bloggers, life bloggers, personal bloggers, really NEED to own their domain or to self-host? I’m thinking not.
There you go—my two cents on domain purchasing and the WordPress vs. Blogger debate. I think I’ve solved it; you can all stop talking about it now. Don’t you think? Haha. Who am I kidding, this will just be another thing for us all to debate over.
So, bloggers, what say you? 
Ps. Calm down, my Nan’s have both passed. I wasn’t planning on taking anyone out. 


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