Now, I would hazard a guess that I’m not the only one who gets into a larger centre and starts to stumble from one shop to the next until frustration dictates that I find an information stand and ask for what I’m looking for. Sometimes I even ask for directions back to my car using a photo I have taken of my parking spot. Great tip Danimezza.  Now, the My Stocklands app can’t help you find your car {I don’t think, but that might be an idea, don’t you think…?} but it does have a centre map.

Shops here I come.

I pictured walking into the centre, iPhone in hand, app loaded and swanning to the coffee club without a care in the world. That was my destination after all. The reality was pretty similar actually. Now I don’t have a local, local Stocklands centre so I did my test run in the Caloundra Stocklands. I hadn’t been there for years so I had no idea what was there and where it was located. The app performed beautifully. In fact it was ALL kinds of brilliant.

PLUS there’s a discount calculator… Well. It may be simple but gee whiz it does the trick. My sis and I are often left standing in the shops trying to figure out discounts by figuring out how close to 10% it is. Bet we aren’t the only ones either. Right? We don’t even have to remember how to use the calculator to work out percentages. Multiplied or divided by 100% or what is that thing…?

So, my total fail at maths aside. This app suits me just fine. I like to know where shops are if I’m in a hurry. So if you’re interested it can be downloaded for free from the app store here. A full list of feature is there too. Treasure hunts, shopping lists and lots of cool stuff like that.

Oh, the boots photo is from a while ago and totally unrelated to this post. Other than the fact I purchased them shopping. And could have probably bought another pair if I hadn’t already spent MY gift card on lunch and a whole bunch of junk for my Hubby. But don’t worry. I didn’t have ALL the fun. YOU can win a $100 card too!

To enter to win the $100 Stocklands Gift Card, answer the question in the Rafflecopter PLUS there are bonus entries for page likes and all that jazz.

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Sponsored by Stocklands as per my disclosure policy.

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