Look, I hate to brag, but for me these days, work wear is super casual and pretty much always includes sneakers. After years of working in real estate and therefore offices, it’s the best change! I said the other day that it’s been years since I wore heels for longer than a couple of hours. I mean, if that’s not hashtag goals, I don’t know what is! Haha.

My take on ‘work’ clothes these days is more about being able to do what I need to do. I work from my office and on-site at various businesses, where I take photos, video and then will spend time in meetings or offices with their teams. The idea of being in restrictive clothing and impractical shoes, makes me screw up my nose.

It just wouldn’t work.

So I go for classic pieces, items that move with me and shoes that I can wear on a closed shoe site if required. For some, this is a pretty strange combination. Especially the sneakers with skirts and dresses, but it works for me and I’m always ready to do what I need to do. Let me just tell you, those oversized slouch dresses are on HIGH rotation too.

Something else that is essential is a GIANT BAG. For longer trips and day-long photo shoots, I’ve started carrying a backpack. It’s the only thing that works to carry ALL my heavy camera gear. But day-to-day I’ve started using this bag from All Bags 4U (gifted). The tote style fits a camera and laptop easily for jumping in and out of the car. The fact it is leather is a bonus, I can’t wait until it softens up a little and settles in around my goodies.

Alison Dominy Designs Sara Asymmetrical Skirt, City Chic Khaki T-Shirt, Nike Outburst sneakers via ASOS and the All Bags 4U Paddington Leather Tote


Sometimes I miss the more corporate style, but I’m glad to be at a stage in my business where wearing what I want is an option. So much fun. What do you wear for work? Team PJ’s I’m hearing you. Tuesday is my no meetings, work from home day so I’m keen for some PJ action myself.

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