I always rolled my eyes when people said they married their best friend or their spouse is their best friend. Cue the gag motion and much judgemental sniggering. I didn’t get it. Didn’t they KNOW any other people? Have other friends? Really? How sad for them. Honestly I thought that half of those people were lying. The other half? Well I assumed they were a bit loopy and needed to get a life. Lame!

But it turns out, I married my best friend and it took me 8 years of marriage to realise it. Maybe he wasn’t my best friend then? I guess he sort of was but I was probably in denial. But there is no one I love more, want to dance all night with, see a movie with, go out to dinner and chat the night away with. It’s him. It’s pretty much always him. I do enjoy ditching him sometimes though. Maybe I need to get out more or something but it’s true. Hubby has become my best friend.

After all when it comes to besties, why wouldn’t I chose this guy? He does a mean load of washing, takes care of me like no ones business, loves pizza, belly laughs and fresh bread. We split a six-pack without a problem and he always laughs at completely different parts of the movie then I laugh at him laughing. He’s the one I want to tell good news to, the one who buffers the bad news and bad days. We enjoy the time we spend together. Sometimes a little too much. If that’s not the definition of best friends, I’m not sure what is.

So there you go. I confess. It happened to me. I’m one of thoooooooose people. Are you?

Who’s your best friend? Is it your partner?

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