My favourite colour is blue. It would be stripes if stripes were a colour.

My Hubby is my favourite person. It would be about a ten-way tie for second place.

My favourite sibling is a secret. They’ll both think it’s the other. You watch.

My favourite food is homemade cheese pizza. It would be broccoli most days.

My favourite place in the world is the beach. But I really hate sand in my pants.

My favourite toys as a child were books. It would also be my cabbage patch doll {with short blonde crop haircut}.

My favourite shoes are heels. But I often wear flats for comfort.

My favourite day is Thursday. It’s almost the weekend but it’s not.

My favourite wine is Sav Blanc. A Merlot when it’s red.

My favourite thing to do is blog. In cafes is the best.

What are your favourite things?

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