My favourite colour is blue. It would be stripes if stripes were a colour.

My Hubby is my favourite person. It would be about a 10 way tie for second place.

My favourite sibling is a secret. They’ll both think it’s the other. You watch.

My favourite food is home made cheese pizza. It would be broccoli most days.

My favourite place in the world is the beach. But I really hate sand in my pants.

My favourite toy as a child was books. It would also be my cabbage patch doll {with short blonde crop haircut}.

My favourite shoes are heels. But I often wear flats for comfort.

My favourite day is Thursday. It’s almost the weekend but it’s not.

My favourite wine is a Sav Blanc. A Merlot when it’s red.

My favourite thing to do is blog. In cafes is the best.

What are your favourite things?