Stripy shoes – Target

Smiggle Stripe Stationary. {OMG stationary PLUS stripes. I die}

Target Stripe Maxi {I have three!}

Mix Apparel Cardies {Squeeee!}

Ikea throw rug. I want five more. At least!

My Virtu stripe pencil skirt. Me as an item of clothing. Serious.

My Benita Virtu Maxi. Now longer for sale but OH SO awesome. Or there’s this one.

I have an absolute OBSESSION with stripes. I also could have included my Bonds stripe t-shirts, my new Autograph leather bag with stripe lining, the dozen or so scarves I have or the toiletry bag… ┬áBut you know, I had to stop somewhere. Do you ever get obsessed with something and it takes over your whole world??

Please tell me I’m not the only one!

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