Sometimes I wonder about what would happen if I wasn’t here any more. You know, died. Now don’t go there, it doesn’t happen often, I just wonder about what will be left behind by me. At this stage my life isn’t overly impressive. I don’t say that to undermine my life. At all. There is just nothing that anyone would remember me for too long.

But there is this. My blog. It might not last long after. Who knows what will happen to the people who stop by, what decisions my family who are left behind will make. All I know is that I hope they leave this here. Pay the hosting bill year after year and let it live. It’ll be my space. My place in the world after I’m gone.

Now I know this sounds morbid, but I was just wondering. Surely I’m not the only one who wonders what they’ll leave behind them. I hope to leave people who were loved. Kindness remembered fondly. Laughs had and stupid adventures shared. I hope to leave a lasting impression. And perhaps I have more work to do for that. Because mine may not be the biggest legacy in the world. But it’s mine.

Have you left your mark yet?

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