Do what makes you happy.

Write often. But only if you have something to say.

Enjoy it or give it up.

Know your worth.

Your space has value.

Don’t be greedy.

Promote things you love.

Be respectful.

Be genuine.

Don’t promise anything you’re not happy to deliver.

Keep living your life.

Be honest with everyone who interacts with your blog.

Don’t forget what matters.


Don’t compare.

Find YOUR voice, YOUR place, YOUR best.

Ask questions.

Acknowledge your failures.

Be real.

If it doesn’t fit I encourage you leave this advice right where it is. But if it does, I hope you’ll use it to great advantage. Great advantage, no crazy times. Well, only good crazy. You know what I mean. I hope you enjoy your blog, I hope you enjoy the time you spend building it and spreading the word about it and mostly I hope you enjoy the friends you can make. Because it’s awesome.

Blog gushing over and out.

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