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When my plans for this weekend got last-minute cancelled, I checked in with my sis on what she was up to and it turns out, she was going camping overnight at our favourite spot at Inskip Point. With a few hours notice we packed our gear {thank goodness for the ever ready camping box} and hit the road. Arriving after 6pm we didn’t even get a chance to see the beach before dinner, a few drinks and bed. Plenty of time for that this morning.

We awoke early, one excited 2 and a half year old saw to that and soon we were wandering our way through the hot sand to the beach. This spot not far from the barge to Fraser Island is our go to spot. We camp a small way back into the trees and come and go from camp for essentials. White sandy beaches and crystal clear blue green water calls to you here. I will never become immune to what a gorgeous place we have such a short way from home.

Floating in the choppy sea, we watched blue jellies drift by as we swam and played and made our way along the beach. Then I got stung. So I swore a bit and went into shore to survey the damage and request someone pee on me. No really. That IS still the rule, right? It better be. Soon after a large brown jelly was washed ashore, tentacles waving all about. We assume it was the culprit. The stinker. When the lifeguards drove by doing checks on the beach goers we waved them down scoring a blue medical glove full of ice for our trouble. After some ice, a soak in the salt water, the swelling started to reduce.

So we went for cold drinks and pies. Of course. To celebrate.

The end.

What do you think about my local beach, a bit gorgeous, right?


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