Last week I decided to share what was inspiring me via a collage on Instagram. A mood board of sorts. And because I really don’t have much else to report, I thought what the heck, let’s talk about it here too. Last week kicked off with the moody blues and greys. This week though is all about houses. My house, your house, the house on the cover of all the mags I can get my hands on. The Block. Pinterest boards filled with them. Lots and lots of houses. Houses.

home mood board

I guess that was bound to happen. We are finally coming to the end of our adventure and will be moving into our house in a few short weeks. This will be our fifth home, excluding those we have rented. FIVE. We have built from scratch lots and this will be our second renovation.

The paint swatches are piling up, I have carpet samples swimming in my head. There are couches to buy and furniture items to replace. This is the house we are putting down roots in for a while. We want it to be something special. Something reflective of us as a couple. A place to call home and welcome our friends.

With all that in mind, it’s no wonder I’ve got houses on the brain.

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