They always say you can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl. Well this farm girl never really left the country. A few years at the beach. One even more west and I’m right back where I started, sort of. I am on a house block instead of 400 acres, but meh, close enough. So why all this talk? Well because boots with dresses has that country feel to it. Don’t you think?

I absolutely think.

And yes, these are the boots from the boyfriend jeans post. They are coming along nicely and are starting to mould to my foot like a dream. I kind of love them with dresses at the moment. I think it’s the little dip at the front that is way more flattering than standard booties. Gives the ankle some shape rather than cutting it off. Win! The colour is a dream too. I’m in love, can you tell?

And then ladies and gents, there is THIS DRESS. Harlow has been all kinds of generous with me since launching their brand on the market and I am now the proud owner of a number of pieces from the range. This navy blue, named ink, dress is beautiful. Fits like a dream, is comfortable to wear and comes with the cute red leather belt.

Investment pieces people, that’s what I was talking about during Budget Fashionista and this is where it comes into play. A dress like this live in your wardrobe for years to come. A dress like this takes you from dinner to the park and back again. Two enthusiastic thumbs up from me. I’m wearing the 20 for those playing at home.

Greatest Love of All Dress {ink, includes belt} – Harlow Australia {gifted}
Ella Bootie – Barefoot Tess {purchased 2nd hand}


Are you a little bit country?


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