I hesitate a couple of times writing the title for this post. I really wanted to call it what it was, it’s all about wearing the nude skater dress and how to do it when it almost exactly matches your skin colour. BUT this is the interwebs and having a title like plus-size nude is just asking for trouble of the creepy kind. So here we are. I’ve probably said nude too many times now anyway. I’ll let you know how I go. Haha. Ignore search engines, ignore!

But oh yes! This outfit was featured on the Defined Image Facebook page recently {I pop over there fortnightly when I can manage to put together an outfit on time}. Nat asked me to share an outfit here or there and to explain not WHAT I’m wearing but why. Great point Nat, I’d never really thought about it that way before. It’s something that changed the way I look at this blog. Don’t talk about the clothes, the photo will do that, talk about how you put it together, why and how to make it work for someone else. Helpful right? She’s one smart cookie that Nat. So let’s do that, shall we?

plus size dinner date outfit-5 plus size dinner date outfit-6 plus size dinner date outfit-2

This dress is practically the same colour of my skin, yes? Especially the lower half. So to make this work so I’m not washed out I added the black Ashley Stewart jacket. Black is one of those colours that picks up my complexion {lucky me!} and combined with the red hair it keeps me from washing out. Even when we had to use the flash this rainy afternoon to even get these photos.

If you look great in green, wear that. Hot pink? Wear that. See where I’m going with this? By separating your face and the nude colour you can still wear it without looking like the cutest cast member of the Walking Dead. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some people who for them this would be THE colour all on its own. I’m not talking to you, you already look fabulous. Move on.

And the shoes, let’s talk about the shoes. Yup. They are absolutely leopard print. Uh huh. I never wear animal prints. After all these years I’ve finally drummed it into the lady at my local Autograph. I know she’d laugh at me saying that. For years she tried to get me into the latest animal print looks while I screwed up my face and said not for me thanks. Great style, awesome item but no way. I don’t wear animal wears. It’s our thing now. So yes, she’d be surprised and I’m sure I’d cop a little bit of flack over that.

But you see I wore them because this print is practically a neutral itself. The colour elongates my legs and the pop of a print adds another dimension to an otherwise pretty matchy matchy outfit thanks to the perfectly coloured oversized clutch. If I wasn’t wearing my hair down, I would have added a necklace of some description in gold, probably something a little longer than neckline to add interest there. But this day, I was counting on freshly done hair to do that for me. And in the low-key way I love, it totally works, yes?

plus size dinner date outfit-1

Leather Look Blazer – Ashley Stewart via Curvy Cartel {sold out}
Nude Chiffon Overlay Dress – ASOS Curve {sold out online}
Leopard Print Heels – Emerson for BigW {similar}
Nude Oversized Clutch Purse – ASOS Curve via Curvy Cartel

plus size dinner date outfit-4


So tell me, do you wear clothes the same colour as your skin tone? Or avoid it like the plague?

And if the plague thing, will this help do you think?

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