I think best when it’s quiet. In the still of the night I am clearer, more focused and if I do say so myself brilliant. It’s just too bad there’s no one else around to see it. Don’t you hate that? It’s just too bad that society is built around being awake during the day. I could really shine in a world cloaked in darkness. I’m a kid from Twilight apparently. But then, there would be people awake, ruining my quiet, so scratch that.

Sometimes when it gets late, when there is nothing left to do, I lie on my outdoor table and soak up the quiet. The sounds of the animals scratching around in the bush behind my house. The water that seems to endlessly run through the natural watercourse. The stillness and the quiet of nothing. I centre myself there. Often under the moon. I breathe it in there.

I met my Hubby under a full moon. This one actually. The Easter full moon 10 years ago. He proposed and I said yes under the next full moon. After that many, many nights were spent talking under the moon. Holding hands. Even making out. Well, especially the making out. Moments of my life from long before then to now have been marked by the moon. A powerful, ever-present reminder that I’m a night person. A token. A guide.

When’s your moment? Morning, noon or night.

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