I’m tired. Do you ever get that. It’s been a busy start to the year, lots of ups and downs. And I feel a bit worn out. It’s that time again, the time where I review my goals, take stock of what I’ve achieved and either recommit to my goals or refocus them. Do you do this? So I take a look, I nap a little, I take long hot baths and read magazines filled with beautiful images. I recharge.

I pack up the sorrows and the heart-break. I file away the upsets and the anger. I leave them behind me and move forward. It’s time. I won’t carry them any longer. They won’t make it past this point. I celebrate the wins and the things I’ve learnt. I relish the joyful times, the smiles and the things I have to be grateful for. They will be my foundation for round two, the final 6 months of 2012. My six months are wrapped in ribbon and put aside. Marked as complete.

And so I write, I plan and I dream. I capture as much as I can and let other things wander off in my imagination for another time. Bit by bit the fatigue of the months that have passed {flown!} by lifts. I sleep and I eat and I run and I take some time to dress up and do my hair. Bit by bit I am restored. Refresh, revived and all those re words that mean you now feel good, again.

I prepare my heart and dive back in.

Feet first, of course.


My diary and goals books are from MiGoals. They were gifted to me and I love them. In case you were wondering. 
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