It was a tough call. Seriously. I went back and forwards and back again over the entries a number of times. There were any number of worthy winners. All of the entries in fact. And if Hubby would let me, I’d buy you all a diary or notebook. But alas buying my new car killed off any possibility of THAT. So here I am, announcing a winner. Someone who touched my heart with their goal for this year. Someone who I want so desperately for them to have it. I want them to have it all and more.

Congratulations Caitlyn.

Turns out, baring your soul on the interwebs works out ok in the end. Please send me your postal address and I’ll get the team at Mi Goals to send you your prize pack. To everyone else. I hope you either grab a diary or put in place a system that has you standing face to face with everything you want. Please keep me posted. I’d love to know how you are going.

Thanks for playing. And thanks to Mi Goals for their support.

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