Metallics and I are a bit meh, whatever. I like bronzer. I like gold, the stuff not the colour in particular. But all in all I never really go out of my way to buy metallic items. But when Liv offered to loan me this skirt after a bit of shameful longing and threats to steal it I was SUPER excited. Seriously, I wasn’t aware of how much my wardrobe needed a kick in the bum that can only come from a couple of new items, in a style that is not necessarily my own. I’ve loved it. you might have noticed, it’s basically been all Liv’s wardrobe here for the last week or two {blazer, this dress and now this skirt}.

She’s told me to back off and get my own style. Awkward.

Especially considering I lightened my hair a little more and cut in a fringe… Seriously, do you think she should be worried? Maybe I’m really a stalker and this whole blog was a super sneaky way of luring her into being my friend only to replicate everything about her and move in to steal her life. Creepy. Totally. But there’s one way I know that it’s not REALLY happening? I still think her work crocs are funny as hell. And I love my dashing man, no matter how lovely hers is. Haha.

Moving on!

And can we talk for a second about the tucked shirt line!? Yes. You looked, you can see it. Sigh. We had about 10 minutes of daylight left before we were heading out. Hubby shows me the first headshot sort of photos and I say great, let’s do this and take a million photos {as we do}. We smile and laugh. Both agreeing that this outfit is hot and get back in the car and go. The next day I look at the picks and my time in the car has rolled the shirt up on one side.

You would’ve heard the f-bomb if you live close by. Sorry about that. Talk about annoying. So now after all this fuss drawing it to your attention and such I hope you’ll ignore it. And maybe lament with me that sometimes men just don’t see the details. The little things. And sometimes they are just a little distracted by a flat but in a ruched skirt.



Basic Long Sleeve Top – Autograph
Skirt – Onoz {borrowed}
Shoes – Emerson for Big W
Necklace – Big W
Bag – From a gift bag

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