This year I invited myself along to the Christmas goodies cook up at my cousin’s house. We were making all the balls; chocolate, apricot and rum. Bec had baked some cookies and we were going to ice them. Christmas cooking fun. So what perfect photos to add to my annual merry Christmas post. I hope you enjoy those, but first, let’s do this thing!

From us to you, I want to wish you all the wonderful things there are. I wish you love and laughter. I wish for you true friends and a gracious, welcoming family. I wish for good times and faith in the bad times. Faith that people are basically good, faith that you are loved and hope that one day will be brighter.

To those grieving this Christmas, which there are a few of you, whether it be new or old, I hope you find some space to heal, or some quiet to just be with those feelings for a while. I really, really hope for peace for you. Know that others share your experience if not the exact one you’re having, a version of it. I think there is comfort in that. There is for me, perhaps there is for you too.

Now get out there tomorrow and enjoy yourself. I’m spending the morning at the beach before sharing lunch and dinner with my family. I plan to enjoy some beverages, the pool and the squeals of delight from my niece and nephew {and let’s face it, my sister too} as they celebrate with a joyful abandon most people could learn a lot from. Big love Sugers, thanks for sharing another year with us. M xo

And now, the photos.








The end.
Merry Christmas!


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