Everyone loves Melissa McCarthy from her time on Gilmore Girls to her recent stint as fabulous Hollywood funny girl. I’ve been critical of Melissa’s style on this blog before, mostly her red carpet style. I realised later that maybe her red carpet thing isn’t my thing and I should but my nosey nose out and let her be. Especially since we agree so whole heartedly on most of the outfits she wears. Agree to disagree, right?

After all I adore this blazer, jeans and boots combo myself. The sleek lines, interesting texture and playfulness of her recent outfits makes me a happy girl indeed. In fact it was Melissa who kicked off my desperation to own a white blazer with black collar. Hello sexy casual. I love those things. Melissa also provides some great inspiration for the ladies who look at all the curvy, teeny waist people and go, what the heck!? I don’t look like that. From apple to square or rectangle {is there a square?} there is some inspiration for you here. Enjoy!


My take on Melissa’s style is that it’s all about playing with balance, textures and layers. It’s a fun and flirty take on a modern look. Sure there may not be a peplum to be found but the metallic details, slim fit pants and studs are a certain nod to modern trends. The colour choices are always bang on for her {we won’t speak of that pale pink formal dress right now} and the shapes are well fitted to her body.

My favourite looks on her are the high heels and jeans combo and jumpsuits. I love these looks because they are fun, modern and all kinds of fun. They work beautifully on Melissa’s petite frame {she’s a shorty at 1.57m} and we all know how much I love a harem pant. Can I also say that the use of navy in the place of black is something all of us should take note of, it’s just so darn classy. Gold and navy? Even better!

Melissa McCarthy Steal Her Style Collage


melissa mccarthy - steal her style - shopping guide

1. Coloured Jeans 2. Casual Navy Dress 3. White Collared Shirt
4. Black Jumpsuit 5. Grey Blazer 6. Contrast T-Shirt
7. Pleather Panelled Pants 8. Navy Wrap Dress

And that, my friends is Melissa McCarthy week of Steal Her Style. Thanks to everyone who voted in the Melissa vs Adele vote and don’t worry Adele will be along soon enough. Next week though I have collected some images for a plus size model and blogger whose name just keep coming up! I know you’ll know who I’m talking about, especially those who love to dress as they please and say a big ‘eff your beauty standards!’. Can’t wait! See you then.

And Melissa McCarthy, she’s all kinds of wonderful right?! 

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