There are a few thoughts that have been rolling around in my head. Prompting a sort of mid-blog crisis. Maybe it’s just better to say them out loud. I worried as someone who has witnessed, experienced and beat consumer and credit card debt that by showing lots and lots of great things for people to buy that I was encouraging them to be irresponsible. I worried about the people who made my clothes, where they are and how well they live. I worried about not adding anything of real value to the world because fashion is just one of those ‘things’ that no one really takes seriously.

I worried and over thought it all. Everyone who asked how blogging things were going over last weekend probably got some version of run down on all things. My girlfriends said I was over thinking things. My Hubby said that I should do what I love and forget the rest. My bloggy friends told me that I wasn’t responsible for the choices of others. I am aware, expressed and I should trust the intelligence of my readers.

They were all right. Sure this is a place for me to discuss what’s going on in my head, the clothes I love and places I’ve been and plan to go. I don’t need to sensor that because you guys are smart. Smart and savvy and listening when I say credit cards never made anyone happy for long. You hear me when I say that life’s too short to hold grudges and to not wear exactly what you want, when you want.

I knew this about you. I knew this about me too.

I had just gotten a little wobbly there for a moment.

A bit wobby as my niece Arleigh would say.

It matters to me to think, to process and reach a conclusion. It matters to me to exercise my brain and come to a solution/resolution that I’m happy with. I’m glad I got here though. Proud to have processed something that my mind had been fixated on for too long. I’d considered all sort of out there resolutions but in the end I’m going with a survival of the fittest with love approach. For you, for me and for any ideas I may have.

It’s a gift this thinking business. It means all my basic needs are taken care of and now I can imagine, dream and ponder. What a blessing that is.

Now before I go, tell me, what’s on your mind right now? 

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