So most months I get to the first day of the month and think, oh heck, I forgot to remind people to buy an ad AGAIN this month. Siiiiigh. So I’m taking a new approach. I’m going to remind you now. Hi. Ad spots are now open for May. Reminder, reminder! And for the month of May, if you book any time in April I will put your ad up as soon as I have it. Which means if you book now, pay and send your ad image you could be live for almost 6 weeks for the price of 4. That’s good buying people.

Ad spaces have had varying results for those who have advertised since their start in November. I have found the most successful to be product based ads {such as the Mi Goals Diary Ad} and blog ads. For more information on the click-through rates please send me an email. Then I can give you an estimate based on your genre and some information about what is working and what’s not.

So now, to the give away part! To make it more interesting I’m going to put a large ad space up for grabs for the month of May. A large ad space entitles you to a guest post spot. GREAT value considering my sponsored post rate starts at $150 per post. Bargain. To enter share our advertise page {and make me aware of the share by leaving a comment or tagging me in the post} and you’ll get one entry for every share. Competition closes 8pm 19th April. Winner will be announced shortly after and contacted via email.

So let’s wrap this post in a tidy little summary;

  1. I have ad spots
  2. They are for sale
  3. I’d like you to buy one
  4. Email me to do so
  5. If you can’t buy one, you can win one
  6. Large ads come with a post worth at least $50!
  7. Share the Advertise page to win {use the share buttons below the content, easy!}
  8. Competition closes 8pm April 19th. I’ll email the winner.
  9. This post was dull so I did a wrap up type thing I hope was kind of amusing


So that’s housekeeping done for the next month or so. Thanks for bearing with me. The good news is I have my entry post for the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers scheduled for tomorrow morning {while I’m at the gym so I won’t freak out and un-publish it again}. So you’ll have that to read soon if this was of zero interest to you. Haha.

Over and out.


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