Most afternoons Hubby is home by 5:30pm. In Summer that means if we are fast there is an hour or two of usable light before it gets dark. Sometimes we just lay about in the backyard and have a chat, sometimes there are errands to run or food to buy. More often than not I make sure that should we go running these errands, I whack on a little more make-up, fix the do and pack the camera. This practice has meant we have captured some awesome afternoons with just us too. Him with dirt still on his face from a day at work. Me with my more standard every day outfits. Being dorks. They are my favourites.

So here’s another of those type afternoons.

With my stripe bonds tee tucked into my maxi skirt you’ve seen a million time. Throw on some neon accessories and what’s old is new again, right? I read somewhere today that recycling your clothes will be a big trend in 2013. Frugal fashionistas? Yeah, I’ll wait and see on that one.  But it is great news for me who recycles items all of the time. ALL of the time. So go me, how very fashionable. And since it’s all fashionable and the like, I’m going to embrace it like never before. So watch me shop my wardrobe folks. 2013, the year of the frugal fashionista. You heard it here first.

plus size casual outfit with stripes 003

plus size casual outfit with stripes 004

plus size casual outfit with stripes 002

plus size casual outfit with stripes 006

plus size casual outfit with stripes 005


You shop your wardrobe, right?

Tee – Bonds
Skirt – Lily & Lou for Best & Less
Flats – BigW
Earrings – Lovisa {$3 in the sales, gift from my sis & sil}
Bracelet – Sportsgirl

{no brand associations currently exist}

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