An afternoon stroll with Hubby has become a bit of a rarity around here. These photos were taken after 6pm and it was still 30 degrees. In Summer, in Queensland, it’s HOT. Hot and still and hot. But stroll we did. Him in his daggy clothes, me in my matchy matchy’ness with straight hair and everything. We have totally different ideas on what makes for casual stroll attire. He’s probably got it right. But I might have put in a little more effort because I knew we grabbing photos. The hair was done out of boredom while hanging out in my bedroom in the air con.

Now isn’t that a riveting tale? No. I didn’t think so either.

I love this outfit. It’s become one of my favourites. My simple blue Virtu skirt, that I ALWAYS get asked about and the almost perfectly matching blue of the stripe singlet. What can I say, I love it when stuff matches. These sunnies that I picked up for $11 {half price  score!} from The Iconic are a perfect match too. Who would’ve thought, MORE matchy matchy. Be still my beating heart. My blue and white stripe beating heart.

plus size casual fatshion outfit 001

plus size casual fatshion outfit 007

plus size casual fatshion outfit 002


Sometimes when putting together outfits matching isn’t a good thing. Too much and it drives you and people around you a little batty. Let’s just keep that in mind. But in my opinion a good old, two colour matching outfit is THE BEST. One day I’m going to go all out and go for a monochrome look. It’ll probably have to be blue since it’s the only colour I own enough items in… It might be a nice challenge, don’t you think? Head to toe blue? As matchy matchy as possible… Hmmmm. Challenge accepted. Errr, self.

plus size casual fatshion outfit 004

plus size casual fatshion outfit 008

plus size casual fatshion outfit 006


Do YOU like a little matchy matchy??

Singlet – Avella for BigW
Skirt – Virtu {last season}
Sunglasses – The Iconic
Flip Flops – BigW

{some brand associations apply, see my disclosure policy}

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