I have a mattress on the living room floor at the moment. I lay on my stomach, legs kicking in the air, fan pounding away as the air con churns on. It’s cool and lovely and makes me feel a little bit different about working. More casual. Laid back. For now, it works. Today I was doing my thing, clicking about, complaining of a sore neck and shoulder. It was a car nap related injury, a neck strain from nodding off simultaneously with the ute hitting a dip in the road. Ooooouch. Let me tell you. But that’s not the point. I’m not even sure I had a point any more….

Oh yes. Then in walked Hubby with two large Styrofoam boxes with plastic bags on top. I tilted my head curiously to the side wondering what exactly he’d purchased now and in what quantity! That same curiosity got the better of me and soon I was making just that enquiry. It turns out he’d been fruit picking at my Aunt and Uncle’s farm. He had mangos by the box full. Literally. A large bag of black seeded grapes and another stuffed to the top with cherry tomatoes.

I had done the grocery run on Friday we were pretty much chock-a-block. I did buy an entire box of baby spinach,to give you some sort of scale to apply to this situation. My fridge is full of fruit and vegetables. The bar fridge is overflowing with bottles and bottles of chilled water. Essential in this heat I’m sure you’ll agree. And now there were at least two boxes worth of items to squish in there too. I thought about trying. I really did. I wanted to make an effort, store them all away in a nice cool home built just for them…

It didn’t happen. So we made a mango, green smoothie and put aside a couple of dinner in a chicken, mango and pine nut salad. Hubby had at least one for afternoon tea. He delivered some to family and friends who live nearby and soon there was only a box of mango’s left and room in the fridge to squish in the tomatoes and grapes. WHAT a relief, right? I’m sure you were really concerned about that. The greenest of the mango’s are on my bench in their box. I have no idea what to do with them all now.

So come one, come all, mangos for sale!

But seriously, have you got any recipes for me? A mango cheesecake or something might be nice…

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