I know we all LOVE our little black dresses. So easy, so simple and always so cool. But there is one hundred a case to be made for the little white dress. And I don’t even mean just in summer, either. The little white dress is becoming a must-have in my wardrobe, and here’s why you should consider adding one to yours.

It’s fun! 

I know, that’s deep, right? Haha. But seriously, the little white dress is fresh and modern, it’s youthful and fun. If you want to mix things up from your usual, give it a try. For me, every time I slip this swishy, ASOS number on (pictured) it feels like summer. And summer feels like good times, beverages and all my favourite things. WIN.

In winter, it makes for an excellent layering piece. There’s something crisp and, yeah I’ll say it again, fresh about white layers in winter. Colours of cream and ivory, bone and pure white. So beautiful and easily matched to your colouring. Find the shade of white that works for you and wear it all year long.

And yes, I know that the idea of keeping it clean is a nightmare for some of you. Small children, prone to spills and making a mess. But I buy easily washable fabrics and lots of Napisan. Need a tip for keeping it clean otherwise? Pack a light shirt or scarf and simply cover any spills or stains with that. Hide and seek. It’s the only way for team embrace the white dress.

I know, I’m the captain of the spilling stuff on my boobs crew. 

But my favourite thing about the little white dress is how easily it converts casual. The black dress, it works, but there’s something about the white dress that pairs beautifully with sneakers or casual flats for backyard BBQs and lunchtime outings. The little white dress will take you everywhere!

Like onto the streets of your hometown to be heckled by those driving by while you make your poor, long-suffering husband stand practically in the road to use this awesome building as a backdrop for photos. For example. Just sharing for a friend. Obviously. Haha.

So get on board, team little white dress is waiting for you! 

Wearing ASOS Curve dress and City Heel heels (both sold out online, sorry guys!)

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