Welcome back to Steal Her Style. This week I’m featuring the first Aussie lady for your style stealing fun! {edit: whoops, I forgot Rebel. My bad} I have found it really difficult to locate photos of outfits for Aussie plus size celebrities. In fact, most of the outfits can be found only when they are featuring in magazines for weight loss or on the red carpet. But I keep looking and as I collect enough looks for each of the ladies on my list I’ll be sharing them here.

But now, on to Magda! This Australian comedian is short and sweet with that sense of humour we are pretty famous for world wide. I admire Magda for her recent contribution to marriage equality and for her ability to create a diverse and lengthy career in a notoriously tough industry. Magda was on my list from day one. I knew her layering, longline tunic and coats look would be one some of you would love, love, love and it makes a nice change for those looking for a less out there style. So here we go…


With a base of layering pieces, a statement coat and a red carpet occasion dress or two you are well on your way to stealing this style. The thing I love most about Magda is that her simple style is one you’ll be able to dress up or dress down. Think wide v necklines, longline tunics and coats and simple accessories. It’s paired back and simple but elegant.

To steal this style take a classic dress or top/pants combination and add something interesting on top. A coat, appears to be the favourite option but a long necklace or open shirt would work too, the image at the top right is this look to a tee. For dressier occasions a midi length, plunge neck dress with some accessories will get you over the line. Simple hair and a bright lip complete this effortless look. The navy dress at the bottom of the collage is a perfect example of this.

And the iDO t-shirt, well everyone needs one of those! 


1. Black Tunic 2. Geo Print Top 3. Denim Jacket
4. Plunge Dress 5. Layering Tunic Dress 6. Longline Coat
7. Coloured Coat 8. Evening Coat 9. Floral Dress

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