I promised last week that I would share with you a little of what I’m packing for my couple of days away at Blogopolis. I called in the troops and we planned out a few outfits. My problem is always that I pack dozens and dozens of options and end up forgetting an item or two from most outfits leaving me with a pile of clothes that don’t really work. Pain in the butt. So I’m turning over a new leaf.

This is me. The packing reformed. So here are some photos and then I’ll give you a bit of a run down. Ready? Let’s go!


Ok, so here we go. Firstly let me start by saying sorry about the overall crap’ness of the photos. It turns out the rainy day combined with a camera that hates low light makes for blurry photos. Who would’ve thought. Oh wait. Me! Anyway. Moving on. Soooo, here’s the thing. I leave home Thursday night and come home Monday after lunch, so I need some options. I need some comfy shopping and hanging out stuff and some dinner stuff and an outfit for the conference. Hence the giant pile of clothes, right?

What I’m done is break them down into outfits, they are;

The pink one – Plum basic tee, pink blazer, black skirt, floral scarf

The yellow scarf one – Stripe maxi skirt, black basic tee, mustard loop scarf, black jacket

The teal leggings one – Teal leggings, black long sleeve dress, green patterned scarf

The red jeans ones – Red jeans, black button up long sleeve shirt, black and cream scarf

The pink one with stripes – Pink blazer, plum basic tee {or white}, stripe pencil skirt

And then there are pj’s {hello superman tee and yoga pants}, leggings, tights, belts, under wears, a spare jumper and a cardie or two in case it’s too cold for this Queensland girl. I’ve also packed my booties, ruffle wedges and black $9 flats. All comfy shoes I’ve worn a million times that will get me where I need to go. I wanted to pack my boots but it turns out they don’t go with much, so they’ll stay home.

So there you go. I’ll probably change my mind a millions times between now and lunchtime Thursday. We’ll see. I’m washing a few of the items, inckuding my red jeans for the first time, eeeek. Then I’ll put them into my suitcase and see what else I can fit in or what needs to come out. Obviously I have also packed my iPad, camera, chargers, diary, business cards and all the things that make this blogger mobile. In fact if you want a check list, the ever organised Katrina from The Organised Housewife has one on her site here. You’ll love it if you’re a list person. Don’t look if lists make you feel all panicy and out of breath. Haha.

Are you coming to Blogopolis? 

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