With less than two weeks until I fly out for the Curvy Couture Road Show 2015 in Melbourne, I decided it was time to mention my plans on the blog. I will be one of the Media Bloggers again this year and hope to get some great shots and behind the scenes goss for you all.

Because let’s face it, the clothes are cool, but the ladies are what we are REALLY interested in. My style of Curvy Couture Road Show 2015 reporting will be; who’s there, what brands we loved, who drank too much vodka… Oh wait. That’ll be meeee! Guaranteed. You know, light, easy and predominately on Instagram. The usual.

The Queensland team will be strongly represented this year with a number of the ladies making the trip. As much as I’m a keen, make my own way type, I’m excited to have company along, so we can eat, drink and be merry together. I’ll leave the plane seat squishing to them though… Haha.

If you want to stalk us, we are at the Stamford and will be doing not much more than drinking by the pool and sleeping while there. Hardly riveting. We will be attending all events on the schedule, and I expect to come back to Queensland a few kgs heavier from once again eating and drinking my way through the best Melbourne has to offer.

But serious consideration must go to what the heck I am going to wear… And it has been. I’ll be channelling my usual slouchy style but with some special occasion upgrades. Like I bought new sneakers for examples. Haha. Watch this space, more updates to come!

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So will I see you at The Curvy Couture Road Show 2015? Find me. Let’s take a selfie. Yeah, I said that out loud. Embarrassing, right?

Links? Yeah, I’ve got them. Follow the CCRS Facebook page here, on twitter here and buy tickets to the events over here. You’re welcome. 

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