My nephew Declan is just over two weeks old now. Time flies when you’re having fun. Or in my case, had tonsillitis and locked myself away from him. It’s amazing to be watching it happen again. The discovery, the little similarities and the uniqueness. His sister adores him, by the way. Just as we knew she would. I knew she would. I’m a big sister to a little brother after all. That makes me THE expert.

It also reminded me of pushing my brother down a rather large flight of stairs when we were kids.

Best I keep an eye on her.

You know, in case.

I met a lady last night at Jersey Boys {Squeeeee, SO good} who is one of four. Three older siblings, three girls and a boy in total. We were talking about family and birth order and siblings and relationships. She told me about their life growing up and how difficult it was, even now as a woman in her early 60’s, to be away from her siblings. I feel the same way about mine. They anchor me in a way no one, not even my parents can.

Naaaaw. Mush.

Do you ever wonder about Subway cookies? I do. They’re just that perfect consistency of squishy and crunchy. Sweetness and dough flavours. I’m pretty darn happen with my decision to have cookies {yes two, damn you Subway and your make it a combo} dual cookie deal. Even though it cost me more points then lunch itself, I was happy. What a fabulous treat. How I love those cookies.

12 points for cookies.

7 points for the sub.

One cookie would have been enough.

I watch a lot of TV at the moment. It’s the Olympics. I can’t help myself. I love to watch the competition, the joy and even the disappointment. The disappointment says to me you tried. Really, really hard. That you gave it so much and it hurts to fail. It takes guts to hurt like that. I don’t care if you are a swimmer expected to win gold or a kid from Bundy who was never really given a chance. Losing sucks. Disappointing yourself sucks. But I like to watch. It probably makes me a bit of a voyeur. Oh well, it could be worse. It could be at people’s windows at night.

Well, that wasn’t creepy at all.

I told you I went to Jersey Boys, right? And that it was great, right? And that I would go again and sing and dance all over again. Sure I didn’t cry like I did at Mary Poppins. Sure it was a bit of a mystery to me {I didn’t really know the story of the band}. But I loved it. Truth really IS stranger than fiction. If you tried to write a story like that people would say it was unbelievable. Turns outs more often than not, the best stories based on life are.

I’m painting my nails again if you’re reading this and it’s feeling a little disjointed. Stopping to paint a hand. Let them dry. Paint again. It think I’ve bumped at least a couple of the nails on the keys. They’ll need to be redone. Do you ever do that? Multi-task and then worry that really you should have just stopped and done one thing or another. Perhaps there’s something to be said there about focus.

Maybe not.

Maybe I’ve done so many coats of polish and I’m a bit high.


Did you notice the lime accents on the blog. Sorry if you can’t read them, but I’m obsessed with this colour. I’ll change it again one day. Do you ever get obsessed with a colour and everything has to be that colour. Nails, t-shirts, accessories, and if I could find them, SHOES. No really? Have you seen any lime green shoes? Neon. I adore you. Holy heck.

Errr, what was I saying?

Never mind.

Over and out.

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