If you follow my Instagram feed you would probably be pretty much sick to death of seeing my face.

My face smiling.

My face pouting.

My face pulling a ricidulous face.

My face in outfit photos.

My face in the mirror.

My face lunching.

My face in pieces. An eye here. A nose there.

My face with my Hubby.

My face with my family.

My face grinning madly at the day.

Never in my life have I ever been this me, me, meeee with the camera. I’ve always liked taking photos. Being in them long enough to make memories. That was about it. Enter the iPhone and my selfie obsession started. I blame the iPhone mostly. But Instagram in particular. Because let’s face it, the selfie has been around for a while, but never has it been as much fun as it is now. Instagram, twitter, facebook, flickr…! Everywhere. And a filter here and there helps too.

Personal bloggers are vain. Full stop.

Hi! I’m Suger and I’m the Chief Blogger here. I make stuff for the internet. Which means I take photos, build websites, write copy and create social media plans for people. This is my blog where I share my life and the things that interest me. It’s been living its best life on the interwebs since 2009.