Now jeans and I don’t always get along. I have short legs and a long torso so I always feel like jeans are riding too low or they cut into my lower hips or something along that line. Or worse, I have to pull them up so far that they, errr, ride up in the crotch. Eeeeek. Never, ever a good look. So off I go. Whine and complain. complain, complain, complain. And don’t even get me started on how badly fitting some jeans can be! They call it Mum butt. But come on, no mum deserves THAT.

Mostly I wear jeans with heels. Dress them up a little and help even out the long torso thing. Which means for me, jeans aren’t really the fall back comfy item of clothing that they are for most people. Strange how that happens? The other day I wore my red jeans with some flats and it worked. I’ll share some pics with you guys probably next week. Maybe I’m turning over a new leaf.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has issues with jeans? I’m not, right? I know it can take a lot of trying on and testing out to get jeans to fit beautifully. These Autograph Secret Jeans are a favourite of mine. The pockets are sewn in a flat panel across the front of the jeans giving a flatter line and no added bulk from scrunched up pockets. I’m wearing the 22. And in true me form, to get a nice fit on the but, the button digs into my belly a little. Why do I do that to myself?

How do you style up YOUR jeans?

Navy Cardigan – Mix Apparel {gifted}

Lime T-Shirt – Virtu – Rebecca Top

Necklace {worn upside down} – Mix Apparel {gifted}

Jeans – Autograph Secret Jeans

Peep Toe Pumps – Target

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