Hubby surprised me with the complete box set of Friends episodes for my birthday. I’ve already watched almost 6 full seasons. In the background mostly. I realised the other day that they are more complex then they appear on the surface. So complex that there is a lesson in most episodes, lessons in life and love and friendship. No really, hang in there. This is probably not such a lame post when you finish it. If you finish it. Or maybe I’m a little bit obsessed. Whatever, here’s the list;

  • Friends forgive.
  • Jobs in New York are super easy. I know this because of the drinking coffee all day thing.
  • Getting to your feet after life knocks you down is important.
  • The nineties really were a pretty dodgy time for fashion.
  • Having your brother in your friendship group is weird.
  • Apparently 4 out of 6 people will marry someone they knew in high school.
  • Getting a job at Ralph Lauren is really easy, you need only have had one other fashion related job.
  • It’s possible to finalise a divorce and be married again within 4 episodes.
  • Twenty-somthings look a heck of a lot older in New York than they do in Australia.
  • Friends sometimes pee on you. But they’ll feel weird about it.

So there you go. You’re welcome. Is it just me or does this blog feel almost entirely full of list posts lately? I don’t know why that is. Looking forward to figuring it out though. Maybe it’ll come to me in my sleep. If I ever get any. Anyyyyyway.

Have you seen Friends? What’s the one thing you learnt watching it?

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